Spreadsheets vs. Automated Reporting in e-Commerce

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According to Conjura industry benchmarks, e-commerce companies have experienced a 22% YoY decline in revenue for Q1 2022.

Market conditions have been tough for many e-commerce companies due to a number of factors such as inflation, the war in Europe and a substantial drop in the public market to name a few.

Pressure to match previous years Covid-assisted growth rates has not gone away.

Any competitive edge must be considered if an e-commerce business wants to thrive. One of these competitive edges is fast and effective use of data which must come from an automated reporting solution. Listed below are the eight main factors for favoring an automated reporting solution over spreadsheets:

  • Saving Time
  • Fast Response
  • Accuracy
  • Source of Truth
  • Scalability
  • Granularity
  • Key Man Risk


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